The Association’s purpose and role is to provide and compare information on the professional practice and education of pharmacy technicians across Europe.

What we do:

EAPT’s objectives are:

  • To gather information on the role and training of the pharmacy technicians across Europe
  • To promote and develop the profession and the role of the pharmacy technician
  • To promote patient safety in the context of pharmacy practice
  • To promote, influence and negotiate on European policies where they relate to the profession of pharmacy technician

EAPT aims to do this by:

  • Undertaking evidence based research on the scope of practice and education of pharmacy technicians
  • Promoting environmentally safe practices in pharmacy in line with the European legislation
  • Presenting and sharing pharmacy technicians initiatives and education, in line with current practice
  • Promoting the Continuing Professional Development of Pharmacy Technicians
  • Collaborating with other associations, in Europe and globally, with similar objectives

Why join and how to join:

Membership is open to Pharmacy Technicians Associations in Europe. As a member you will access to:

  • An annual membership meeting
  • Networking with European peers
  • Sharing of best practice & promoting the pharmacy technician role

Become a member!

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The Board

EAPT Board 2023
From left: Svjetlana Jakovac (Croatia, Treasurer), Jutta Brielich (Germany, Media), Anita Sveum Nilsen (Norway, Board Member), Veronika Luňáková (Czech Republic, New Board Member), Laura Lyons (Ireland, Secretary), Cristiano Matos (Portugal, President)

For inquiry’s please contact the
President or Secretary

Cristiano Matos – Portugal

Laura Lyons – Ireland

Svjetlana Jakovac – Croatia

Jutta Brielich – Germany

Board Member
Anita Sveum Nilsen – Norway

New Board Member
Veronika Luňáková – Czech Republic