Association Nationale des Préparateurs en Pharmacie Hospitalière (ANPPH)

  • Member Country: FRANCE
  • Member Organisation Full Title: Association Nationale des Préparateurs en Pharmacie Hospitalière (ANPPH)
  • Country President: David AUTHIER
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The ANPPH (National Association of Hospital Pharmay Technicians), created in 1978, is a professional association at the service of all the profession. It represents Hospital Pharmacy Technicians practicing in hospital pharmacies in different kinds of establishment: public, private, military and firemen services. Its goals are to bring hospital pharmacy technicians together, to manage the requirements about missions of hospital pharmacy technicians.


The ANPPH is animated by the volonteer work and the determiation of the Board members (18 persons) , of regional correspondents (17 persons) and managers of continous training center (13 persons). They volontary offer their skills and knowledges on different topics related to the profession.


  • The Association regularly meets members of supervisory bodies and authorities.
  • The Association put online, on its website, the regulatory information related to the profession.
  • The Associations meets its suscribers for annual regional meetings,  and for the General Assembly.
  • The Association, recognized as being a continous training organism, annualy animates  training sessions during the JNF (National Days of Training) and also during 18 training workshops, with different topics, related to the everyday professional activities.
  • The Association is member of UIPARM (International Association of Physiotherapists and other technical professions) which is bringing together different associations of dieteticians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, X-ray technicians, laboratory technicians.
  • The Association is member of the European Association of Pharmacy Technicians which is bringing together the professionals from  14 European countries.
  • The annual fee to be paid is 40 euros.




Ministry of Heath:


Pharmacy in Europe:   


  • The delivery of medicines (in therapeutic trial, with Temporary Use Authorization or after Marketing Authorization).
  • The delivery of medical devices (sterile and implantable)
  • The compounding of medicines (magistral or hospital preparation) in the areas of parenteral nutrition, of oncology, of infectiology, and of radiopharmacies in controlled atmosphere areas.
  • They daily practice and comply with the hygiene, safety and quality rules.
  • They relay information about medicines to other health professionals.


General contact EAPT


Christina Durinck

President of EAPT

Route d'Eupen, 36


Registered Company number 0649.800.723



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