CEPT Meetings

Created in 1989 the now EAPT meet once a year in the following years and countries.

1989 - Paris ( France ) first exploratory talks

1991 - Copenhagen ( Denmark )

1992 -  Hannover ( Germany )

1992 - Madrid ( Spain ) founding of the Standing Committee

1994 - Breukelen ( Netherlands )

1995 - Hillerød (Denmark)

1996 - Nimes ( France )

1997 - Porto ( Portugal )

1998 – Stockholm ( Sweden)

1998 – Hamburg ( Germany ) 2. meeting, new name - CEPT

1999 - Oxfort  (UK)

2000 - Copenhagen (Denmark)

2001 - Oslo (Norway)

2002 - Dublin ( Ireland )

2003 - Berlin ( Germany )

2004 - Belfast ( UK )

2005 – Stockholm (Sweden)

2006 – Copenhagen (Denmark)

2007 – Zagreb (Croatia)

2008 – Oslo (Norway)

2009 – Lille (France)

2010 – Lisbon (Portugal) new name -  EAPT


EAPT Meetings

EAPT meets once a year and the National Association hosts the Annual Meeting which is under the statutes the General Assembly.

2011 - Cardiff (Wales, UK)

2012 - Budapest (Hungary)

2013 - Bled (Slovenia) – Facebook launch

2014 - Helsinki (Finland)

2015 – Hamburg (Germany) – Website launch

2016 - Dublin ( Ireland)

2017- Copenhagen ( Denmark )


First Board elected in Cardiff (2011)


João José Joaquim



Susanne Engstroem



Catherine Piron - 2011/12

Tess Fenn - 2013/14




Monika Panduric - 2011/12 Svjetlana Jakovac - 2013/14

Slovenia Croatia


Tess  Fenn




Second Board elected in Helksinki (2014)


João José Joaquim



Christina Durinck



Tess Fenn



Svjetlana Jakovac



Monika Panduric




Report on the annual EAPT meeting 2016 in Dublin / Ireland


Attendees at the successful meeting 2016 in Ireland included the following 12 countries:








Svetjlana Jakovac




Christina Durinck

Esben Hansen


Technical Consultant


Service union united PAM Pharmacy branch sector

Maarit Holopainen

Miia Järvi

Secretary  (Local pharmacy branch of PAM)

Industrial Policy Expert



Myriam Merlet


Vice President



Jutta Brielich

Ingrid Heberle

European representative

Head ADEXA PT group





Laura Lyons

Marie Louise Philips





Irene Hope

Bodil Røkke


Vice President



João José Joaquim

Cristiano Matos






Dusica Mandaric

Miroslav Ivanovic


President of UFTS Sveti

Supervisor Committee



SFD: Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society, Section of Pharmaceutical Technicians

Matjaž Tuš

Karmen Grom

President: Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society

President: Section of Pharmaceutical Technicians






Gunilla Anderson

Shadé Jalali

Chairman of the National Club Kronans Apotek Unionen Pharmacie & Health

Research  Officer Union Head office


United Kingdom


Tess Fenn





Unfortunately the colleagues from the Czech Republic and Hungary could not come.


The Thursday started with the working group meetings and the welcome dinner.


On Friday we went on with the EAPT meeting.



Ireland: EAPT 2016 host country: Laura Lyons (NAHPT: President) and Marie Louise Philips (IACPT: President) welcomed all EAPT members to the annual meeting.


EAPT President: João José Joaquim officially opened the meeting at 9am and welcomed member countries to Ireland and thanked both the Irish Hospital & Community Pharmacy Associations for hosting the meeting.  


Apologies of absence were received from Hungary and the Czech Republic.


The minutes of the 2015 meeting were agreed and this was followed by an overview of the EAPT Board’s work in 2015. The majority of the work was focused on the registration of the EAPT and the European Project Proposal.


 Feedback and updates on the work and meetings from the working groups followed:

Website Continued Development

Community Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy


The website and Facebook site need continuously ongoing information and feedback from the member countries and it was agreed that this could include information of conferences taking place in each country, as well as other news.


The projects of the community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy are almost completed and these will be available on the website soon.


Delegates at the meeting then went onto discuss processes for the Board Management, the collaboration with the EAPT, EAHP and FIP. The President attended the FIP in Düsseldorf, Germany and delivered a presentation on the role and purpose of EAPT. The presentation is available on the EAPT website.


Each country then presented a verbal update on their annual reports. The news from the countries were very interesting and the problems with the health insurance cost cuts, the supply shortage of many products, the lack of qualified PT and more changes in rules and laws appeared to be common to all the countries, as can be seen below.


 Croatia: New President: Svjetlana Jakovac- many congratulations to Svjetlana. Croatia has issues with recruiting young people into the profession. However the government chamber are reviewing pharmacy and is may include registration.


Denmark: A pilot programme for community pharmacies providing vaccinations mainly giving travel vaccinations has taken place. Pharmaconomist’s once trained can give the vaccinations. There has been deregulation of community pharmacies and rules on establishing branch pharmacies.


 Finland: The new Finish government have started to look at deregulating pharmacy laws and this includes the total liberalisation of store opening hours meaning that pharmacies may possibly be open to competition. Although pharmacies operate under licences and regulation at present, this trend is following through much of the Nordic countries. There is no change in the education of pharmacy technicians, as currently they are able to give advice to patients.


Germany: ADEXA has 4 new offices in the North, East, West and South. There is a shortage of Pharmacy Technicians currently and this may increase in the future as education funding cuts affects pharmacy schools.


Ireland:  The Falsified Medicines Directive will mean a review of dispensing processes as there will be a need for bar coding and automation.


Norway:  The pharmacy workforce is currently generally stable and Pharmacy Technician careers have been the topic of a recent film to show this as a profession. Government changes have authorized that only healthcare professionals are to have contact with pharmacy customers. Pharmacy Technicians, with a legally protected title, to ensure safe practices are to gain access to information on prescription medicines.


Portugal:  APLF have organised, for its members, several specialist course for Pharmacy Technicians including basic first aid, injectable administration and life support, compounding and aseptics and a breast feeding programme. APLF is negotiating with the Portuguese government(Central administration of the Portuguese Healthcare System),  to look towards self-regulation as the current regulatory system is not ‘fit for purpose’.


Serbia:  Regulatory changes have been implemented to reflect continuing development and the professional’s requirement to remain up to date. The numbers of education points that are required over a 7 year period have been reduced from 168 to 140 points.


Slovenia:  Pharmacy Technicians in Slovenia are able to provide information and advice about their medicines to patients. This role has been retained within the education programme even though pharmacy technicians are not licensed. Community pharmacy employs more pharmacist rather than pharmacy technicians. However hospital pharmacy employs more pharmacy technicians.


Sweden:  The main topic of a follow up report on the deregulation of the pharmacies in Sweden is quality and safety. More information is included in the written report. A merger of pharmacies has expanded the chain LloydsApotek which is now the largest chain in Sweden.


United Kingdom:  Commissioning and contractual changes have being having an impact on community pharmacy and the Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy Regulation Programme Board continue its work. Hospital efficiency reforms continue to progress following the Lord Carter of Coles reports with the Hospital Pharmacy Transformation Programme.  New roles for Pharmacy Technicians are being to emerge realted to administering medicines.


More news you is on the countries websites and on the EAPT site.


Following the reports a number of presentations were delivered:


•             Presentation: Organisation and work of UFTS Sveti Sava: Serbia

Miroslav Ivanović gave a presentation about the Association of the Pharmacy Technicians of Serbia “Sveti Sava” (UFTS

•             Presentation: Recruiting and Retentions of members: Denmark

Christina Durinck gave a presentation on how Pharmacy Technicians are recruited in Denmark and methods used to increase membership. The presentation gave an insight into how students are valued from the outset of their training and how professionalism is instilled with graduates having a high professional pride.

•             Presentation: APTUK Foundation Pharmacy Framework: UK

Tess Fenn presented on the APTUK competency and self-development framework that supports the early years training and development of registered UK Pharmacy Technicians.


EAHP President: EAHP 2016/17

Briefing on EAHP 2016/17 strategies and projects

Joan Peppard, President of EAHP, gave a presentation and briefing on EAHP 2016/17 strategies and projects. The presentation informed on the structure and governance of the organisation along with their strategic goals. One goal is to look at a ‘Model Hospital’ and provide good practise tools and initiatives.


Following the summary of the day and closing the meeting, all present went out to a wonderful dinner in an Irish hotel and enjoyed a great show of Irish dance and music. Thank you very much to the Irish hosts for this wonderful evening.


Saturday was focused on planning for the future and the elections to the EAPT board in 2017.  A number of small group discussions revisited the vision, purpose and aims of the EAPT to help to take the organisation forwards.


Summary of Meeting

President, João José Joaquim, thank all present for participating in a productive meeting and revisiting EAPT goals. He thanked Ireland for hosting the meeting and their excellent hospitality.


The next year’s EAPT meeting will be held in Denmark in April 2017 and we are looking forward to it.


All members were hoped to have safe journey home and we look forward to the next year meeting in Denmark.


Hamburg, 2015


In March  2015 we had a very successful EAPT conference in Hamburg, Germany. This year the colleagues from Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Serbia,  Slovenia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom took part in the meeting. The meeting took place in a hotel right in the city of Hamburg and we were very thankful  to ADEXA, Germany to host the meeting and did all the organising beforehand.


On the day prior to the conference, the Community Pharmacy Working Group had a very successful meeting. This group has been founded in Helsinki at last year’s EAPT conference and at a following meeting in Dublin last summer it was agreed that the group would work on a survey to present in
Hamburg. The working group consisting of delegates from Ireland, Denmark and Germany, agreed to compare and contrast the working lives in community technicians throughout Europe.
We concentrated on the main areas of education and the technician’s role in the pharmacy.


The conference began on a Monday morning with an opening address from EAPT president Joao, who is also president of the Portuguese association. He thanked the delegates for their attendance, made apologies and read through the minutes of the previous conference, once the minutes had been approved we then moved onto the agenda. Firstly we were given an overview of the work of the EAPT in 2014 and how the board were actively working to achieve registration for EAPT. A second aim was to connect more with member countries and raise the profile and
awareness of the EAPT ,so it was agreed to have a greater presence on Facebook and a twitter account was also set up @EAPT2010. The EAPT website has also had an upgrade and the content is available to all EAPT members and, when you read this also to the public. Monika from Slovenia agreed to take charge of a quarterly newsletter.


Each country was then asked to give a brief annual report, which was a great opportunity to see what obstacles have been overcome and what problems were evident in each country.


In the afternoon the community pharmacy survey was presented by Esben from Denmark. It was very well received and the working groop will continue to work on the further suggestions so that the survey may be published in the future.


The hospital working group had not the opportunity to communicate prior to the conference but had now agreed to compile a survey to look at overview of the technician role in the hospital, education and use of technology which will be presented next year. This group consists of Ireland (our colleagues from the NAHPT), France and Croatia. A new working group was formed to tackle the task of sponsorship, this comprised of Serbia and Sweden. With this the conference closed for the day.


The second day began with time for the working groups to meet and discuss the topics raised at their presentations, which was a great opportunity to brainstorm, as EAPT president Joao had to attend the opening ceremony of the European association of hospital pharmacists, which was also being held in Hamburg at this time. An event that EAPT would envisage to attend in the future once our organisation has been registered. EAPT would hope to have a stand and submit a presentation in order to introduce ourselves to EAPH in Vienna in 2017.


Upon the return of the EAPT president he introduced the editor of the Hospital Pharmacy Europe Journal, Phil Wiffen, who gave us on overview of his publication and asked us for an insight of EAPT, he said he would gladly welcome articles from hospital technicians and offered to help write them. A wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of pharmacy technicians throughout Europe. The conference ended with a tour of the Eucerin© Institute and a walking tour of the city.


The next annual EAPT conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland in March 2016.


In May 2014 we had a very successful EAPT meeting in Helsinki with participants from Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The meeting took place in the office of the Finnish union (PAM) and we were very thankful to the organisation to host the meeting.


After the reports from the countries,  we talked about the two board meetings in the last year.
Topics were the registration of EAPT, the elections of  the new EAPT Board in 2014,  the budget and the European Project, the invitation to the EAPH congress for the hospital PT and other topics.
Also we conducted some working group meetings for the website (Germany), the Hospital Pharmacy (Ireland, France, Croatia and Norway) and the Community Pharmacy (Denmark, Germany and Ireland) working groups. Both working groups are preparing a report and a position statement  that should include the different aspects and sections where PTs  work, the training, the competencies or qualifications that are required for pharmacy technicians to work in these areas and their countries.


The EAPT board elections took place and the results are as following:

  • President of the EAPT:   João José Joaquim (Portugal)
  • Vice President: Christina Durinck (Denmark)
  • Secretary: Tess Fenn (UK)
  • Treasurer: Svjetlana Jakovac (Croatia)
  • Member: Monika Panduric (Slovenia)

The meeting  continued with a report from Ms. Sirkka-Liisa Kärki, Counsellor of Education, Head of Vocational Upper Secondary Education and Training Unit at the Finnish National Board of Education. She presented on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and National Qualifications Frameworks (NQF). Ms. Kärki explained that the EQF is a toolkit to help compare qualifications levels throughout Europe. Although it does not provide automatic Europe-wide recognition, or European standards, a common European education and training system, it is an eight level meta framework that covers all levels of qualifications and focusses on knowledge, skills and competence. It provides a comparison tool and is a voluntary process.


The EAPT members agreed for the following activities to be carried out during 2014/2015:

  1. Statutes: to review by the designated working group, following the translation into French to meet the requirements of Belgium law and agreement gained from the EAPT members before submitting as part of the EAPT registration process.
  2. EAHP congress, 25-27th March 2015, to host an EAPT symposium on Thursday 26th March 2015 in Hamburg. The EAPT annual general meeting to take place at the same time with the first day on 23rd March 2015 for working groups and the come together dinner. 24/25th March 15 EAPT annual meeting. The Board to arrange the programme, topics and speakers required for congress based on the EAHP theme of patient’s safety first.
  3. Working group made up of Croatia (lead), France and Norway to report on Hospital Pharmacy.
  4. Working group made up of Denmark (lead), Germany and Ireland to report on Community Pharmacy.
  5. Feedback on the outcome of the ERASMUS project submission to be given to EAPT members and a project plan produced if the application is successful.
  6. Continuing development on the website and EAPT members to provide Germany (Jutta Brielich) with the EAPT home country information.
  7. Registration of the EAPT association and the set up of an EAPT bank account
  8. Board to undertake a WebEx meeting to focus on the EAHP congress. American meeting, EAPT registration and the infrastructure needed.
  9. Finland to be added to EAPT  membership list
  10. Malta/Czech Republic/Netherlands/Lithonia have previously requested information on EAPT membership: João to follow up on these topics  and scope other European countries.

The 2014 EAPT meeting is the last meeting for both Zdenko Tausic (Slovenia) and Susanne Engstrøm, as both are retiring. João presented them with a traditional Finnish gift as a thank you and memento of their services to both CEPT and EAPT. João thanked both Zdenko and Susanne for all their valuable input over the years and Susanne as a founder member of the association.  Both will be sadly missed for the spirit and valuable input in the last years. We wish them all the best for their further projects.

The next meeting will be held in Hamburg, Germany, in March and we are looking forward to it.
We thank our Finnish colleagues very much for their hospitality, the warm welcome and the good time we had in Helsinki.


Jutta Brielich, Germany


EAPT meeting Helsinki 2014

Annual meeting of all the members


In May 2014 the members of the EAPT met in Helsinki, Finland for their annual meeting. Tops of the meeting:

  • Overview of the EAPT work 2013 and feedback from the working groups
  • Country annual reports
  • Budget and future goals
  • Elections for the board
  • Visit to a dose distribution company

You will find some pictures and an overview of the meeting here. More...

Members of EAPT met in Bled, Slovenia.

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Christina Durinck

President of EAPT

Route d'Eupen, 36


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