Association of the Pharmacy Technicians of Serbia “Sveti Sava”

  • Member Country: Serbia
  • Member Organisation Full Title: Association of the Pharmacy Technicians of Serbia “Sveti Sava”
  • Abbreviation: (UFTS) Svrti Sava
  • Country President: Dušica Mandarić
  • European representative: Gordana Grujin
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Overview of member country’s Pharmacy Technician Association


Association of the Pharmacy Technicians of Serbia “Sveti Sava” (UFTS) is volontery, non political, non-profit, non-government association of healt workers who finished secondary medical shool- department for pharmacy tehnicians.


Short introduction of structure of the pharmacies


In Serbia there is no exact number of community pharmacies. There is no limit on the number of residents to open pharmacies.  2011.  was 737 state community pharmacies and 211 hospital pharmacies. There is no record of the number of private pharmacies in Serbia.
 All the pharmacies have possibility to give medicines according to helth insurance.


Professions in the pharmacy

  • Pharmacist-college education  
  • Farnacy Tehnicions-secondary school


Education and training of PT


Duration of the Pharmacy Technician education is 4 jears after the 8 years primary education.. It is School of Medicine- department for Pharmacy Technicians.  4500 learnig hours . 3418 professional  items and 1083 general educational subjects. Practical hours  is 1663.  You get diploma paper after  4 jears education and 6 mounths practical work in the workplace.

Payment and working conditions


In Serbia  Pharmacy Technician (PT) has a salary of around  250 Euro  per month. The only addition to the salary is in addition to work experience and it is 0.3% each year for the operation of the company. In private pharmacies salaries are very similar and depend solely on the agreement with th employer . This is a net salary of which were rejected costs for health and pension insurance. Number  of working hours for week is 40, and in private pharmacies even more. You have to hev diploma paper with title Pharmacy Tehnician, passed state exam, after frst 6 months of work and valid work License. License is renewed after 7 years. Number od scores that is got trought education for renewing license is 24 per year (168 all togeyher). Chember defined work for Pharmacy Tehnicians and and issue licenses.

Recognition of foreign PT qualifications, link to recognition


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Link to chambers, professional institutions, registration office

General contact EAPT


Christina Durinck

President of EAPT

Route d'Eupen, 36


Registered Company number 0649.800.723



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