Hrvatsko društvo farmaceutskih tehničara, Croatian association of pharmacy technicians HDFT

  • Member Country: CROATIA 
  • Member Organisation Full Title: Hrvatsko društvo farmaceutskih tehničara, Croatian association of pharmacy technicians
  • Member Organisation abbreviation: HDFT
  • Country President: MARIJA ŽUŽAK
  • European representative: SVJETLANA JAKOVAC
  • Report prepared by: SVJETLANA JAKOVAC
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  • Country website link: 

1. Overview of member country’s Pharmacy Technician Association, current activities, web link

Aims: We trying to become a regulated profession that we can thrive in, and through education we try to motivate PhT to work on their personal growth and greater contribution to profession. Therefore we design education aimed in all areas of compatibility with ability to acquire greater competence.
The Croatian Association of PhT through their work is trying to encourage legislation to make a PhT profession a regulated profession. Looking in to Directive 2005/36/EC it is important to achive a new, higher level of organization for this profession. For that purpose Croatian Association of PhT has prepared a very wide programme of lifelong learning to promote a high level of competencies for PhT throughout Croatia.
Basic activites: education of our members, organization of thematic conferences, preparation, editing and publishing of the professional journal


2. Short introduction of structure of the pharmacies 


Our members work in the public, private and hospital pharmacies, specialized drugstores, other health institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, wholesalers with medical and pharmaceutical products and state services (army, police, etc.).


3. Professions in the pharmacy


In our pharmacy only can work pharmacist and pharmacy technicians


4. Education and training of PT


In Croatia PhT are a health profession existing since 1949. This is short overview how to become PhT: after completing 4 years of high school and 4394 hours of training, followed by 12 months of internship, intern has to pass the exam and subsequently attained the rank of pharmacy technician. After that a PhT is not required to undergo professional training, because the profession of PhT in Croatia is not regulated by law.

5. Payment and working conditions


Average payment for PhT in Croatia is between 600 and 800 euro’s.
We have a 40-hour work week.


6. Recognition of foreign PT qualifications, link to recognition



7. Link to chambers, professional institutions, registration office

Our website:

Ministry of health:
Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists:
Croatian pharmaceutical society:

General contact EAPT


Christina Durinck

President of EAPT

Route d'Eupen, 36


Registered Company number 0649.800.723



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