Overview of member country’s Pharmacy Technician Association


Farmasiforbundet - The Norwegian Association of Pharmacy Technicians - is a labour union for employees in pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry in Norway. The majority of Farmasiforbundet's 3500 members are pharmacy technicians by profession, with a lower degree education.


Farmasiforbundet was founded in 1937, and Irene Hope is the union's chairwoman.
These are a few of Farmasiforbundet's current key issues:
Salary, tariff and working conditions
The pharmacy sector and future sector prospectives
Our own organisation and membership figures
Farmasiforbundets main office is located in Oslo, with representatives all over the country .
Farmasiforbundet is affiliated to the trade union Parat, and is member of the European Association of Pharmacy Technicians (EAPT).

The Norwegian Pharmacy Association has more information in English about the Norwegian pharmacy 

Member country web links to other important organisations , for example the countries pharmacy professional regulator if pharmacy technicians are registered


From Norway we have especially three links that may get into EAPT`s  website
As is our  website

As is the website of The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel
Apotekforeningen (the Norwegian Pharmacy Association) is the trade organisation for pharmacies in Norway and their owners. All pharmacies are welcome to join.


3. Overview of members country’s pharmacy and pharmacy technicians

Figures from 1 January 2018
Number of pharmacies : 394

Number Pharmacy Technicians : 2737


(Number pharmacists : 3100)


General contact EAPT


Christina Durinck

President of EAPT

Route d'Eupen, 36


Registered Company number 0649.800.723



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