The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists

1. Overview of member country’s Pharmacy Technician Association


The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists represents 5,296 pharmaconomists in Denmark and is a trade union for all Pharmaconomists in Denmark irrespective of place of work as well as for pharmaconomist students.


We aim at achieving a good working life for our members with attractive salaries and terms of employment, good opportunities for post graduate training and job satisfaction.

The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists is independent of party politics. Its secretariat, in the centre of Copenhagen, has a permanent staff of 18 people: Pharmaconomists, legal staff, freelance journalists and administrative staff. Members can contact the secretariat and receive help and guidance concerning salary and terms of employment.


The Association is non-political and negotiates seven collective agreements with public and private employers. The largest organisation of employers is the Danish Pharmaceutical Association, which covers the private pharmacies where the majority of Pharmaconomists are employed.

The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists was founded in 1946 and represents over 90% of all Danish Pharmaconomists. The Association issues a publication for its members “Farmakonomen” (The Pharmaconomist), which is published 10 times a year.


The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists is an established stakeholder in consultations related to new legislation and the establishment of rules that concern the Pharmaconomist profession set by the Ministry of Health and its agency the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.


Like the Association of Professionals in Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Association of Danish Pharmacies, the Danish Association of Pharmaconomists has influence on the appointment of proprietor pharmacists as it is consulted together the two other Associations to expresses opinion as to the suitability of applicants for a vacant pharmacy license.


The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists is a member of trade union confederation FTF (Salaried Employees and Civil Servants’ Association).



2. Member country web links to other important organisations , for example the countries pharmacy professional regulator if pharmacy technicians are registered



Danmarks Apotekerforening 

The employer and professional organization of private pharmacies in Denmark



The national school for Pharmaconomist.


Sundhedsministeriet - Ministry of Health


Sundhedsstyrelsen - Danish Health and Medicines Authority

The public authority of pharmacies. An administrative agency of the Ministry of Health


Pharma Danmark – The Association of Professionals in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Trade union for holders of a master or bachelor in pharmacy. The association is also open for other graduates in the healthcare sciences.



3. Overview of members country’s pharmacy and pharmacy technicians


As of January 2018, The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists represented 5,296 members divided into the following areas:

Private pharmacies: 2616

Public sector: 761

Industry: 452

Students: 559

Passive: 908


As of September 2017 there were 237 community pharmacies in Denmark, 21 of which are owned by one of the other pharmacies.  In addition, there were 202 branch pharmacies, 48 pharmacy outlets, approximately 500 over-the-counter outlets and approximately 250 medicine delivery facilities, 3 central magistrel production facilities and 8 unit dose packaging facilities, all of which are owned by one of the pharmacies.

Community pharmacies are separate private enterprises owned by a proprietor pharmacist, who has received a license from the state to run the pharmacy.


As of January 2018 there were 10 hospital pharmacies, which employ the majority of Pharmaconomist in the public sector. Hospital pharmacies are part of the public hospital system. 

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