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The Association’s purpose and role is to provide and compare information on the professional practice and education of pharmacy technicians across Europe.


The Association’s objectives are:

  • To gather and disseminate information on the role and training of pharmacy technicians across Europe;
  • To promote and develop the profession and the role of pharmacy technicians;
  • To promote patient safety in the context of pharmacy practice;
  • To promote, influence and negotiate on European policies where they relate to the profession of pharmacy technician.


The Association intends to include the following activities:

  • To undertake evidence-based research on the scope of practice and education of pharmacy technicians;
  • To promote environmentally safe practices in pharmacy in line with the European legislation;
  • To present and share pharmacy technician initiatives and education, in line with current practice;
  • To promote the continuing professional development of pharmacy technicians;
  • To collaborate with other associations, in Europe and globally, with similar objectives.



Christina Durinck


Skindergade  45-47

1159 Copenhagen



phone. 0045 2680 2303


Vice President

Bodil Røkke  Norway




Tess Fenn UK




Gunilla Anderson Sweden




Jutta Brielich Germany


from left: Jutta Brielich /  Germany / Member, Bodil Røkke / Norway / Vice President, Christina Durinck / Denmark / President, Gunilla Anderson / Sweden / Treasurer, Tess Fenn / UK / Secretary.

EAPT foundation meeting in 2011

The board


  • President - João José Joaquim (Portugal)
  • Vice-President - Susanne Engström (Denmark)
  • Secretary - Tess Fenn (UK)
  • Svjetlana Jakovac - Treasurer (Croatia)
  • Monika Panduric - Member (Slovenia)

Further information and downloads

Read more about the members of EAPD and about applications for membership.
EAPT Members.pdf
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Read more about the statutes of EAPT
EAPT Statutes - 04_June_2010.pdf
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General contact EAPT


Christina Durinck

President of EAPT

Route d'Eupen, 36


Registered Company number 0649.800.723


Email: cd@farmakonom.dk 

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