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The Association’s purpose and role is to provide and compare information on the professional practice and education of pharmacy technicians across Europe.


The Association’s objectives are:

  • To gather and disseminate information on the role and training of pharmacy technicians across Europe;
  • To promote and develop the profession and the role of pharmacy technicians;
  • To promote patient safety in the context of pharmacy practice;
  • To promote, influence and negotiate on European policies where they relate to the profession of pharmacy technician.


The Association intends to include the following activities:

  • To undertake evidence-based research on the scope of practice and education of pharmacy technicians;
  • To promote environmentally safe practices in pharmacy in line with the European legislation;
  • To present and share pharmacy technician initiatives and education, in line with current practice;
  • To promote the continuing professional development of pharmacy technicians;
  • To collaborate with other associations, in Europe and globally, with similar objectives.



Christina Durinck


Ramsingsvej 30

2500 Valby



phone. 0045 2680 2303


Vice President

Bodil Røkke  Norway




Tess Fenn UK




Gunilla Anderson Sweden




Jutta Brielich Germany


from left: Jutta Brielich /  Germany / Member, Bodil Røkke / Norway / Vice President, Christina Durinck / Denmark / President, Gunilla Anderson / Sweden / Treasurer, Tess Fenn / UK / Secretary.

EAPT foundation meeting in 2011

The board


  • President - João José Joaquim (Portugal)
  • Vice-President - Susanne Engström (Denmark)
  • Secretary - Tess Fenn (UK)
  • Svjetlana Jakovac - Treasurer (Croatia)
  • Monika Panduric - Member (Slovenia)

Further information and downloads

Read more about the members of EAPD and about applications for membership.
EAPT Members.pdf
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Read more about the statutes of EAPT
EAPT Statutes - 04_June_2010.pdf
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General contact EAPT


Christina Durinck

President of EAPT

Route d'Eupen, 36


Registered Company number 0649.800.723


Email: Christinadurinck@gmail.com

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